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Feb 20, 2007
Hi everyone,

I finally got around to joining the forum. The 2000 LC I have now is actually the 2nd one I've owned (had a '98). I'm also a huge Toyota nut having owned Tacomas, Previas, Tundras, AE86, and now also a '91 MR2 Turbo. I haven't owned a TT Supra (yet).

So now that I've finally joined, here's my first question (tried a quick search first):

Why do the brakes on my LC get progressively stronger when I slow down? I noticed this on my '98 as well. I usually have to let go of the pedal when I near a deadstop.

from HI I take it? :)
Don't know the answer to your question. But....

Welcome!!! The mud way! :flipoff2:
Welcome Duc! Yes, I feel the same braking behavior as you do. It's like there's a good bite just as the tires completely stop rotating.

Dunno what causes it, but I'm curious to hear from others.
Welcome! The 100 has excellent brakes - I suppose it is the lack of fade you feel coming to a stop.

I am still driving a 94 Previa LE/SC with 234K miles on it. Running nice.
Never owned a SC Previa but did have a AWD '91. Cool vans. I had the secondary driveshaft needing replacement. Pricey.

As for the brakes on my 2000 LC, it almost feels like the brake booster goes into overdrive as I slow down. Feels strong but I'm wondering if Toyota did that because of the heft?
I have noticed that the brakes get stronger as you slow to almost a stop too. I just thought it might be the newer brakes that were replaced and it was something that would either go away or I would have to learn to live with it. I had no idea it was something common. I am used to it now so no big deal.

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