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Sep 25, 2021
austin, texas
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So I’ve been rolling dirtbag Toyota’s for two decades and never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be the owner of a Lexus. Tho I almost pulled the trigger on a 60 in 2003 when I got my 87 runner. Not sure of the format of this intro thing but here’s where I am and came from. 4 days ago I drove home a 00’ lx470. Paid 10k for a truck @ 270k miles. To me, that’s crazy in any other situation but she’s got all the obvious problems tended to already (ie. brake booster, timing, HC delete, OME 2”) so here we are. I’m in process of a SAS on my 96 T100 on 35’s where I’m fabricating everything from the ground up. And in tribute to the old 40 series, I’m doing leafs with shackles forward. My 87’ left me with all the standard shiz… SAS, bobbed bed 6”, 36” irocs, 5.29’s and x2 locked w/hydro assist. Now, back to the lx, she’s on 33’s and will stay there. No plan to do anything but widen the stance and baby her. She’s basically our comfy road tripper/trails rig and we have two small sailboats that weigh no more that 3k lbs on the trailer. I’ll probably weld up some slider steps and some form of approach/exit protection but nothing crazy. Anyway, hi, I’m jeremy from austin Texas. I like projects and we love our 470/100s. 🤙




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