New Lift rough Ride?????

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Jan 4, 2006
I just installed a 2.5 inch lift with extended shackes. The ride is great on smooth roads of course but hitting a bumpy road or off road it is very rough and jaring. Is this normal? Does it get better the longer I drive? Do they break in? Thanks
lift springs can be a bit stiffer then OEM, did you get new shocks? what kind? the extended shackles will through your castor off a bit, are you running castor shims? and i think there is a break in point to most leaf springs...
what springs? if they're rancho springs, junk them cause it won't get any better, but new springs/suspension compenents do need a little bit of time to break in.
These are dick cepek 2.5 inch springs with new Dick chepek shocks. I was sure there was a break in period but how long does it take?
Have you got the bolts loose enough that everything can move? You don't want to tighten the shackle bolts so that everything is locked up tight. Just a thought.
go wheel it and flex the s*#@ out of it It'll soften up after a while .
4-5 bags of tube sand will help, too. Woody suggested using regular car ramps one RF the other LR abd vice versa when you park it. TooTall has the best suggestion. Flex it.


springs 002.jpg
springs 003.jpg
Throw about 250 lbs. of sand bags in the back for awhile....

Should soften if up some. :grinpimp:
I prefer The dukes of hazard route.

Jump the fawk out of it. a couple of times... It will soften out over time...
Thanks everyone for the help

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