New Leather Seat Covers

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Nov 19, 2006
The condition of the 20+ year old drivers seat in my 1995 has gotten pretty bad recently and I was thinking to do something about it.

It's really the seat bottom that is badly worn while the seat back looks like it could go from another 5 years or more.

I noticed some new leather bottom seat covers now available on EBay. They don't say they are OEM so hard to know where they come from but the pics look decent enough.


Has anyone gone this route with good results? My local upholstery shop gave me a really high quote to make up a new bottom seat panel so I am looking for a more economical alternatives if I can find one. I didn't call Mr. T for these but I suspect they are no longer available and would be too $$$ for me even if they were.
I guess if their return policy is good for the buyer you could buy and see.

From all the threads that are around here about seat leather. If you want to cheap out with decent results get LSeat. If you want to buy once and cry once go with the LandCruiser Heaven or Mosley Motors.

I've got LSeat and they are FINE but would have done either of the higher quality options if I had to do it again.
Pictures of leather can be very deceiving. Mosley Motors is no longer selling leather last I checked. The LSeat leather that I have seen is pretty low quality and more like vinyl. I have seen several sets of Land Cruiser Heaven leather installed on 80s and it is very nice. High quality leather, 100% leather and smells like heaven. I installed a set myself on a previous 80 years ago and I just ordered a set in gray for my current 80 and cant wait to install it. Its not cheap, but its very nice and gets better and softer with age.
I will check into LC Heaven. I wasn't aware there was a vendor offering quality replacements.
I will check into LC Heaven. I wasn't aware there was a vendor offering quality replacements.
I got some seat bottom covers off eBay. (Correction. Off Amazon) Don’t think they’re the same as those. They’re not the same shade of tan but close enough. It’s definitely the budget way to go when the seat backs are OK, as mine are.

Amazon product
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