New LC - Lift Ideas / Validation

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Feb 14, 2017
Portland, OR
I picked up a 100 LC this last weekend. I have spent the last couple days doing body work to remove a dent in the pass door as well as a ripped door stop. The LC has 253k miles and is very clean. This is going to be my daily driver, snow rig and i am sure it will see some fire roads and general exploring.

Currently the handling is bad, there is no question that the springs / shocks are shot. So here is what i am thinking:
  • 275 / 70 R18 BFG K02 (have on my duramax and love them)
  • OME 865 rear coils
  • OME Torsion Bars
  • Slee Diff Drop
  • New Shocks
Mainly i am looking for a 'leveled out' stance, with a firmer ride. I will be adding a Dissent Offroad front, and maybe someday a rear bumper with tire carrier.

Will check the body bushings and replace them if needed. Any thing else i need to be thinking about? What shocks would folks recommend, Toyota OEM, Slee, Bilstein HD etc.?

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There is no Steering Stabilizer on 100.
Sway bar bushings
Steering rack for play

OEM or OME on shocks
The sway bushings don't look super bad, but probably due for replacement. I will pull the skid plate and check the steering rack bushings at the same time, and check for visible play. I am guessing once i get shocks and springs it will drive much better.
I have pretty much that exact set-up you're proposing, save for the OME torsion bars and diff drop, which aren't super necessary for 865 rears, at least until you add a front bumper. If you want to see one in person in PDX or take it for a spin sometime, let me know. Maybe come to the next Cascade Cruisers meeting. November 16, Buster's BBQ in Tigard at 7:00.

New shocks and 865s were great, but the KO2s were the clincher. Great ride. A little noisier than street tires and HEAVY, but probably worth it. You'll love them. Great in the snow.

OME 860

Stiffer ride, but I have drawers in the back so I went with 860. Very happy with the overall setup.
@C6H12O6, i will put the meeting on my calendar and try to make it. It would be great to see and talk through some of the different setups. Since there is still life left in the current tires, probably do the springs, shocks and diff drop. Then mid to late winter, add the new torsion bars and tires.

I think i will also change the sway bar bushings and steering rack bushings, I can't see in all the service records from the PO that this was ever done. After 17 years, the rubber is bound to be shot.
Based on my limited knowledge but fair amount of searching, If i do plan on going down the 865 road, what shocks should i consider?

Obvious is the OME shocks, but may have said they don't like the ride. Bilstein HD would be a good choice, but i think i read somewhere on here that there is not enough travel once the truck is lifted and you risk shock failure under full articulation. Not that i am going to be in that situation, i don't think, but just considering all options.

I went with the Ironman FoamCell Pros. Very OEM-like on the road. Not harsh at all like the OME Nitro Sports. Lots of people here have been pretty disappointed with the OMEs. I loved the old OME shocks on my 80, and liked the Nitro Sports decidedly less. The Ironman shocks have been great so far. They really shine on dirt roads and washboards. Amazing. I've only done pretty mild offroad stuff with them, but they have been noticeably nice everytime I venture off pavement. I almost went with the ICONs, but prices were better on the Ironman Pros and I really couldn't justify the ICONs for what I really use this truck for.
If you go with the 865 springs, consider just doing springs and shocks first. The 865 springs keep you in the range where you will likely be able to adjust the factory torsion bars up enough to get the right amount of droop on the front end. The lift is different on these rigs. You want the right amount of rake (not level) to make the suspension handle correctly. Unless you have extra weight up front, you probably won't need new torsion bars up front, and you almost definitely won't need the diff drop. Springs and shocks first, see how it rides and keep an eye on the front end. It'll let you know if you need to address the rest. Higher mileage truck, and you might need to re-boot the CVs anyway.

As for bushings, changing out all the rubber bushings made the single biggest difference on my 80 of anything else I tried to get the ride sorted out. Even bushings that didn't look toasted on the truck were noticeably shot once I got things out of the truck. Worth every penny.
@C6H1206, where did you order your bushings from?
I used Whiteline, but I got a deal from a buddy who worked for them. They used to make the Slee bushings. Still do?

Not sure where I’ll source 100 bushings when I need them. OEM is always a solid bet.
After spending the day on the forums, i have evolved my plan:
  • Ironman Shocks (gas / foam don't know yet)
  • OME 865 Springs
  • 80-Series MAF Drop Links Rear
  • Front & Rear Bushings & Links
  • Steering Rack Bushings
Based on my research and the fact this rig has 242k, this should greatly improve overall ride and cornering abilities. It's so bad now you almost get sea sick just going down the road. Constant under steer / over steer issues in corners, etc.
Just picked up a 100 with 308K. Will follow plan outline. Thanks
I did 865s, Ironman Foamcell Pros and cranked the stock torsion bars at first. Great ride and was even okay once I added a front bumper. Once I added a winch, though, I went with OME torsion bars. No regrets.

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