For Sale NEW KSC-SW1 Subwoofer - OC CA

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May 31, 2011
Arrowbear Lake, CA
I originally bought 2 of these from a Hyundai dealer since they were trying to get rid of them. I planned on installing both where the factory sub is on my 80, but I woul'dve lost the cubby. So I decided not to.

This is a great addition to add some filling bass, but not ghetto blaster type bass.

This would be better for buyers with low-level (RCA) outputs because the high-level inputs were not included on this "hyundai" version. It does include a 12v line with 15amp fuse, RCA cable, wired remote and brackets. Brackets are flat, so I needed to bend them to fit onto my 80.

$120 shipped or 100 picked up.


Three questions:

1. Have you heard one of these in person?
2. How'd it sound?
3. Is it possible to get the "low-level" source you referenced at the factory subwoofer location? (Not having to run lines to the head unit would be very appealing to me)


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