New Koyo A1918 leaking

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Dec 27, 2017
I just installed this 2 weeks ago and now it's leaking around the top where the plastic and aluminum meet. Anyone else have the same luck with the KOYO radiator? Funds wouldn't allow the factory OEM so I tried to stick with a KOYO as the next best thing. Looks like I get to don't all over again.


dang it, looks like the top O ring isn't doing the job properly. Would it be as easy as pushing each of those fingers down a little bit more for a tighter seal? Just thinking out loud here. When the radiator is under pressure, do you see bubbles?
No bubbles. Last time I tried to push the fingers in on my old radiator I made it worse. My original radiator leaked in the same exact spot. Just my luck I guess
that sucks, sorry dude. Where do you think the leak is located?
I was about to order this Radiator. Did you replace with a new unit of the same item or order a different brand?
I replaced it with the new Koyo and two weeks later it leaked around the top as well. I ended up going with a CSF all metal and it has been good so far. The CSF runs hotter at about 195-205 degree in the summer with the air on. However, it doesn't leak so far after a few months. I would have rather had the Koyo because it runs a little cooler on average but didn't want to run the risk again after all the install work.

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