For Sale New knob choices for you Vintage AC unit!

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A.K.A. TheCraftyGreek
Sep 26, 2005
In working with fellow mudders I am now producing knobs that will direct fit onto the vintage air control panel.

I can do them in any style from any era.

This pic shows a set of FAN PULL style knobs which seem to work well. You decide what the knobs have on them . I can do text or icons.

My knobs are $35.00 each and discounted for multiple units.

PM me for the details.

Pretty cool Angelo
I've already received some inquiries about them.

Lots of folks mount the unit directly into their dash so this option will remove the ugly... :)
Hello, I am installing a Vintage Air A/C system now. It is new in box but the older version. It came with cables with the knobs shown below. Wondering if these can be removed and then I will be able to install a pair of your new COOL knobs.

View attachment 2911079
Those can be changed out, however, the current ends will need to be heated off, or otherwise manually removed.
I would then go with a new set that incorporates a set screw. If you grind a flat spot into the shafts, I'm sure the new knob with set screw will hold with no issues.
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