For Sale New in box Aisin clutch slave and master parts for Pick ups, Tacos and 4 Runners (and looks like BJ71-BJ74?), come get em! (1 Viewer)

May 22, 2014
Los Angeles
The liquidation continues... I've got a box of stuff that's gotta go, prices are fair but firm, double check these part numbers on your own:

Aisin CRT-070, which I think fits BJ71, BJ74 clutch slave $120

Aisin CMT-008, 89-95? 22RE Pickup, 4Runner clutch master $30
Aisin CMT-003, 84-88 22RE Pickup, 4runner clutch master $20
Aisin CMT-030, looks like 95 only 4 banger Tacoma? and 95+ T100 clutch master $40
Aisin CMT-093, 96-00 4Runner? $50
Aisin CRT-029, 95-04 22RE/3RZFE Tacoma, 4Runner clutch slave $20
Aisin CRT-004, 86-88 22RET, 89-95? 3VZFE Pickup, 4runner clutch slave $20
Aisin CRT-014, 96-04 5VZFE Tacoma, 4Runner clutch slave $30

Willing to ship if you send me the labels, or you can swing by and pay me sweet sweet cashola in and pick up Los Angeles.

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