New IBS install - slow link led blink and audible beep

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Jun 14, 2010
Sacramento, CA
As the topic states , new IBS dual battery install . First long trip since all the work was done. Occasionally the monitor would go off, emitting a low , slow audible beep and the link light led came on. Does anyone know if this is normal or a problem with the link between batteries or monitor or ????
Mine did this when the relays under the hood got too hot. I relocated them and it went away. There are some FAQ's online and more detailed information about what the beeps mean. It can also make those beeps when the main battery is low.
Mine did some similar stuff when first setup which ended up being some connections I had to fix as they had an intermittent connection due to the quick crimps in the package. I just removed these and soldered them together instead and problem solved.
Thnx guys! I'll check and report back. The new hella 4Ks really reduce airflow , I was running 188-190 at 65mph tonight where before I way have hit 182. And I didn't like that 3-way crimp connect when I put it in. Luckily it's all accessible.
Mine did the same thing when I had a bad connection in the system. In my case it was the wire harness connected to the back of the alternator on the first go round. The second time it was a poor connection to the Boosting relay. I would recommend just to check out all the connections. Also on a side note try holding down the link button for appx 6 seconds. It could be as simple as the batteries not being linked.

3-way splice from the kit was causing the issue. Corrected and all is well.

Mine does this after long drives here in the Philippines where it can be excessively hot. Perhaps that is my issue. It started after I replaced my alternator so I was concerned it was warning me of an overcharge but I have a Scan Guage and it indicates all good.

The other issue I am having is a quick discharge of the main battery. I have a 2 year old group 34 battery. The truck is not driven often but the battery is nearly fully discharged after a week to ten days. Of parking. I blame the IBS monitor but the acc battery does not discharge at all. The only accessories I have attached to the main are a winch and a set if lights (and of course the IBS and usual car stuff like am fm radio and clock) .

I am not sure where to start to determine where the constant voltage draw could be.

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