New Here - Trail/Clearance Questions

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Dec 11, 2006
Hi all, been lurking a while, new here.

Picked up a '96 LX450 with a spotless history around 2 years ago... 84k then, 106k now... baselined and swapped up to 285 Revo's as well as simple stuff like the CDL Swith, Pin 7, etc.

Easy question, and if I am in the wrong place please move me over, though it is a little 80 tech specific.

Primarily a rig to get me to the trailhead for trips to CO and elsewhere... hoping a few of you know Cinnamon and Engineer passes over in western CO. With the 285's and planning to go around now in the year will I be free and clear on these roads/trails? I still have the stock steps on... should I pull these off? I haven't had a chance to put sliders on and I'd hate to tear up the rockers on something this simple.

Just looking for a little vehicle specific beta. Most of the climbing buddies are giving me advice but those folks tend to dragging mid 90's Subaru Outbacks over rocks... their idea of difficult is relative.

Great site by the way... the FAQ has gotten me through a lot of the simple maintenance.

Generally speaking if you want to go in the rocks you will want rocker protection. For specific trail information, you might try the local club and see if they think your Cruiser will take damage, although that's a crap shoot at best. Trails change weekly, and one rock turning over while your tire is resting on it could give you some nice rocker rash.

As a fellow climber I know what most of them drive. Its either Subarus and VW vans, or Toyota pickups. Either way if they're taking their rides into the places you're looking at, then you're likely going to be free and clear in the LX. Of course they might start walking when the trail gets interesting, and you'll want to keep driving, at which point things could change a bit.

Either way I'm jealous since I've never climbed in CO. Let me know if you're ever headed to Squamish for a climbing trip, I'd be happy to show you around the granite there!
I did Cinnamon and Engineer pass last August, but with some ATV's. Saw lots Rubicons and Tacomas though... my thoughts are with Cinnamon pass had some steep switchbacks and one or two places where sliders might be needed towards the top of the pass, though Engineer pass was fairly simple. I would pull off the stock steps though, would give some more clearance.

Edit: The Rubicons and Tacomas looked stock with AT tires if that helps.
With your set-up you should have no trouble with those either of those passes. I've even seen Subaru Outbacks on them
Thanks for the help... wasn't so much a 'can I make it' but a 'how close will it be' question. I'll work on getting pictures together soon.
Thanks for the help... wasn't so much a 'can I make it' but a 'how close will it be' question. I'll work on getting pictures together soon.

I wouldn't consider it "close", they are really just dirt roads with a few rough spots. I would doubt there is any ledges or rocks more than 8" high.

I lost most of my pics to a HD crash but here are a couple. This is obviously early in the year but the trail surface is like this most of the way

We drove those trails on OEM Michelin LTX M/S tires without running boards; no problems.

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