For Sale new helfire fj80 knuckles and balls on a fj62

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Aug 22, 2013
southern vermont
United States
hello, new to the forum. been stalking it for years and finally joined. my land cruiser buddy poor wally up here in vt. has been feeding me toyota parts for a few years in hopes i would build a fj40. story short, i found a 63k original 72 k5 and,,well my toyota project is getting parted out. for sale is a new set of hellfire fj80 knuckles/arms with new bearings and rebuild kit. there is a stock width fj62 housing with fj80 knuckle balls machined and welded. housing was pulse spray welded with alignment bar installed. plans were to widen the 40 mounts with a shackle reversal and bolt it in sprung under on a set of deavers. track width will be around 63.5" spindles and hubs are included. have f/f 80 rear also, 9.5" centers front and rear. will try to post better pics if there is any interest. bear with me i'm new at this here.





like to sell as a set for now the rear has ruffstuff ends machined and ready to press on for bolt on mini truck outers which i have included. $1250 for the whole sho tf/r local pick up would be great but shipping will be at your expense. thanks, glen
pm'd you regarding front axle complete.
had a family emergency and not been near computer. will try to dig things out after work and get better pics and more info. thanks and sorry glen 802-375-5751
hey guys, thanks for being patient with me. trying to add another 6 pictures this afternoon and cant. i will cut off knuckle balls off housing an sell them with hellfire stuff along with the rebuild kit with all bearings and seals. spindles , hubs, ect. can email pics if you want. rear i will sell the ruffstuff weld on outers and mini truck hubs and spindles, thanks, glen 802-375-5751
You need more posts like 10 to post more pictures or host them some where else and link them here. Wish you were closer this could really bullet proof the drive train
Axles are SOLD..........

Glenn, many thanks for making this happen.


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