new headlights

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Dec 29, 2002
nashville, tn
sup y'all,

don't get me wrong, i love the dirty yellow glow that sorta come outs when i switch on my lights, but i think it may be time for a change.

i'd like to put in some halogen bulbs (or xenon if i go ghetto) and was wondering what i would need to do fuse/relay wise. i have next to no knowledge of electric stuff, so whatever you can tell me, dumb it up real good.

I would replace your stockers with stock from Napa. Then get a pair of good driving lights and mount them either on your bumper or on the windshield frame. Xenon or HID would just look goofy. Wire the drivers in with your dimmer, and you're set. My hella pencil beams came with all the wiring and relays necessary to wire into the dimmer.
SOR sells some halogens to fit your cruiser, some $18 each, I think.

I have them, and they are just great. In fact, someone just commented on how well they worked, today.

so these halogens, do they need any extra wiring?

also, part# ?
Remember...even the cheapest modern headlight will far out shine that old yellow stuff. I had an old style quit on me a while back so I replaced it with the cheapest one I could lay my hands on. It was so much brighter I had to go back for another just to make them match. WOW! I had no idea how much I couldn't see.
thanks guys,

it's a little late, so i'll tell you what i did in the morning.

oh, and since this is on my level electrically, i'll do a tech write-up for the bulb change.

I had really poor headlight performance until I put in a heavy duty headlight harness like the one found at Now my lights are as bright as can be.
I just posted something about this on CCOT. Credit where credit is due.... I got most of this idea from John H on CCOT IIRC.

The difference in illumination with the H4 halogen is astounding. Just tonight, after drivng around in the 40, I jumped in my 98 Dodge Caravan to go get a pack of butts at the store..... it was like I was wearing sunglasses or was going blind.... after driving the modified cruiser.

As someone above mentioned... get the harness from $42.50

A pair of the IPF glass headlight shells..... around $35 each ? These things are crystal clear and are tough glass.

A pair of generic H4 bulbs at Wally World or wherever are $7 or less each. Now that I've seen the light ;~}, I personally can't imagine wanting more than the base level 60/55watt bulbs. I could spend a bunch more and get blue/green phosphor glow in the dark, death ray, megawatt H4 bulbs ... but feel I'd be pimpin'.

Add a good quality armoured or waterproof fuseholder and a fuse (these go under the hood and are suggested in the wiring diagram for the harness.

It would be nice to add some of that ribbed, split wiring cover..... which is cheap at any auto store.

The harness is so simple, it almost installs itself. 'Think I did mine in under an hour, including dressing the wiring.

Best ~140 bucks that I've spent on the cruiser. I feel guilty having so much light ! They must aim good, so far nobody has been annoyed enough to flash their brights at me. These things also really light up the sidewalks and stuff on the right hand side of the road.

John Sherwood
Charlotte, NC, '79 FJ40, TLCA, Upstate Cruisers
I second!

Get the h4s and the wiring harness (

Now my question is what is better for a daily driver, Fogs or driving lights? I won a set of hella 550 fog lights at GSMTR and really would prefer a round light vs the rectangle. Also my gut tells me driving lights are better all purpose.



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