New Hanna Quality Rear Bumper

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Nov 27, 2003
I got the new design HQ bumper on! The hidden backside is twice as impressive as the outside.

I got double-swingouts and optional side-protection hoops. Triple can holder for my hot water setup (I will remove when not in use) The tire carrier accomidates up to a 37" spare w/ jerry can holder.


I'll update w/ more photos later.
Nice :beer:

I'm saving my pennies for the bumper and tire carrier. How many pennies did you spend on your set up?
Full-boat setup is 1950, single swingout is 1450. Contact Hanna for exact pricing
Forgot to mention it can hold a 60" Hi-Lift and not stick out past the body.

Here is a thread where Ken Hanna talks about the details of the new bumper
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Very nice James, however I think I like the look of the older a tad bit ;) ....Although I like the fact that you can bolt on the rear mud flaps if wanted, ur pink panties build up is starting to look incredible, keep the good work up......
cc93cruiser said:
rear mud flaps if wanted

Mud Flaps, we don't need no stinkin mud flaps- makes the rig look to pretty.:D
Biff said:
Mud Flaps, we don't need no stinkin mud flaps- makes the rig look to pretty.:D
Yea..........I second that....There's nothin like cracking other people's windshields :D ............
Me likey more. I expected the price to be more than that.
roncruiser said:
Me likey more. I expected the price to be more than that.

You can give Ken more, I'm sure he won't mind;)

(actually you better check w/ him on current prices, don't want to mislead but I think I'm close)
Now that's some great looking stuff youve got there. HIGH quality to be sure. Question, wouldnt it have been better to have the fuel cans on the drivers side close to the actual fuel filler door???
James - that is NICE. Especially like the triple jerry can carrier. Much better there than the roof for jerry cans!
From what I have read this bumper requires that you cut off the resonator.

What are the pro's and con's of doing this cutting?

Just wondering,

I can answer some of these questions:
-if you want the jerry cans on the driver's side & spare on passenger side, that is your choice. Ken can easily make it to your taste. In fact, I saw one bumper that was setup that way.
As for filling gas cans, you must do that on the ground anyway. There are warnings posted this must be done as static can ignite the filling vapor in raised beds (I don't know if it applies to this situation but I'm not risking it).

- Ken does cut the resonator off. This creates a minor "whistling" sound when you accelerate at speed. Some people don't really notice, others don't like it.

The pro is you have great clearance at the rear. The bottom sides of the HQ bumper are giant skidplates so you can slide the low-hanging 80 butt on rocks w/o smashing the exhaust.

I plan to weld it back on in a more off-road friendly position (very cheap & easy at a muffler shop).
This is optional and a larger tip might even cancel the frequency w/o the resonator but I'll just slap the resonator back on.
For what it's worth, Most of us w/ the 4x4 labs bumper, which requires the resonator to be chopped, got the whistle. I removed the stock, low hangin muffler, with a tucked up magnaflow....rerouted out the back, with no resonator, and the whistle was gone.
Biff's truck did that also. Straight cut on the OEM pipe. Someone told Biff that if you just notch the shortened pipe at the tip like the OEM pipe end the whistling would stop.

Don't know if Biff gave this a try or not.
Thanks guys, maybe I'll try that instead of attaching the resonator!
Looks great. I lightened it up a bit to better see the sides and how far they stick out . :)
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