For Sale New Hampshire: 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser

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Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
rgb(101, 99, 99)
1999 Toyota Land Cruiser

~270k Miles
Clean Title
Factory Rear diff lock

$14,750 obo tent not included

Originally From PA / VA, has spent the past few winters parked in a garage and seen use only in the summer away from salt. Hard to find them this clean rust wise anywhere in the north east. Drives awesome, extremely smooth ride with upgraded suspension. Wouldn't hesitate to go across country with it tomorrow. I'll try and get some more pictures + interior when I pull it out of storage later this week.

Recent service/ upgrades:

80/20 roof rack 9/10/21
New Walker Quiet muffler & mid pipe 8/1/21
Timing Belt & Water Pump 6/11/21 (~260k)
Intermediate Steering shaft 6/21/21
OEM CV axles 3/23/21
transfer case & diff fluid 10/14/20
battery 2/11/20
oem heater core 1/21/20
OEM ABS Motor 7/9/19
AC Delco upper control arms and lower ball joints 6/11/19 (also have brand new lower arms to go with it)
Denso Alternator 3/10/18
coolant flush 2/22/19
complete Old Man Emu suspension 8/23/17
Falken wildpeak 285's 8/17
OEM Steering Rack 5/4/17

The bad:

drivers seat bottom has a cloth cover on it and could use replacing
AC currently not working
since heater core change I feel like I smell coolant but not loosing any, original core was leaking.





Not trying to be rude, but why do you think this is worth $14K? One Craigslist search showed 3 others that are in similar / better shape and under $10k


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