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Aug 2, 2022
Alexandria, VA
Just wanted to make a quick introduction thread.

I bought a 2015 GX460 from My Dad after he bought a new 2021 GX. Coming from a more sport compact background, my intentions were to make it my utility/camping vehicle. Save up a bit and eventually purchase a 2nd car that fit the manual/fun ticket a bit more.

I did a decent bit of lurking here to try and get ideas on how to tastefully upgrade my GX. I think I accomplished what I set out to do. I've attached a couple pics.

Sadly, with the used car price market going berserk, that plan of adding a second car just doesn't seem to be feasible for the near future. Considering I've used it far less frequently as a utility vehicle than I originally envisioned, the prospect of frequent $100 fill-ups and a less-than engaging driving experience has me looking elsewhere.

I've really enjoyed my time with the GX for what it is, and hopefully if the market turns around I'll be able to get back into the body-on-frame market in the future. I also appreciate all the information I've learned here. Almost thought about listing the GX itself here, but I'd rather just get things done easier/quickly.

I wanted to post a quick intro thread before posting any of my aftermarket items on the marketplace. I understand posting them so quickly is still somewhat of a faux pas. However I don't really do a lot of forum/social media in general. Hence why I'm hesitant to use Craigslist, and I can't even log in to use facebook marketplace.

Thanks for understanding!





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