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May 13, 2010
Well I'm just a new guy looking for a link to any advised mods for a pretty much bone stock FJ62. I attached a photo, I bought this from a guy for 600 bucks granted it didnt look this good when i bought it, then I washed it. I need to get new tires on it (any advice on which tire size to use is appreciated as well) I ve still got the stock crome wheel and would kind of like to use those. Also I hope to save my pennies and get the OME lift for it. well thanx all in advance for all the good info I'm sure to find here. Also it runs and drives good just need to wash the undercarriage and find and fix some oil leaks.
Hermiston Oregon and thanx ********:)
I've been looking online and have noticed I got a pretty good deal. The guy I bought it from thought the outside was trashed so I took it to a detail guy and traded a tuneup on his durango for a wash wax and interior clean. The only real flaws I can see is the hood and roof paint need redone, the tailgate is dented(thank you wal-mart parking lots), and the dash is cracked but other wise the interior is clean seats dont even have a rip(and it came with original owners manual).
nice score dude!!

clean looking rig
nice truck there,
in my opinion,if they are stock leaf springs, they look in great condition,
an add a leaf would make it higher/stronger and most of all cheaper...
and for 600$ mate:bounce::bounce2:awesomeness!!!!

$600? Yeesh! You should be locked up. You STOLE that thing!

Nice going, man! Welcome to the madness!


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