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Jan 12, 2006
Richmond, VA
Just wanted to say hey. I know i have met a few of you at Oakridge in the past (was in a leopard land rover)
I'm involved with but wanted to meet some cruiser guys.
Just picked up an 88 FJ62 for a DD while I build my crawler, but I doubt it'll stay stock for long.

So hello from richmond...Adams
Howdy, do you live in Richmond? I saw a sweet champagne 60 the other day, there are a couple others ive seen around too.
Yeah...I live down off semmes ave. I sold my rover a few months I'm sure if you've seen a leapard print D1 driving around...It was mine.

I building a crawler/trail truck out an 82 J-10 honcho...1 tons...bobbed bed I managed to pick an 88 62 for $800.
Not bad considering I spent a few buck on new axle seals. A liitle rust and bad xfer case solenoids for 4H.....but it drives great.

I'm suprised after 3 rovers and 4 jeeps, it took me this long to get into a cruiser :D
I'll be looking for a few experienced helping hands when I do my Cut and Turn. I just can't see spending $900 for a SUA lift when I can get a SOA for around the same price.....Daily Driver.....( i need to remeber this so all of my rigs aren't too large)

Here's the cruiser dreaming...
We have a meeting this week, you should try to make it. Check out our website for details and directions.

Did you sell your leopard D1 to a guy named Steven? I used to work with him. If it is the same truck, it is very nice (and he got a great deal).

I am in Richmond also and hope to meet some people when my FJ40 is ready... it will just be a DD, no serious mods. I am about 1 month away from completion.
Yup..sold it to Steven Light (SCSL) He did get a great deal, but I orginaly got that truck with a blown motor in trade for a $500 CJ project I had laying around. Rovers are fun to whell...but a pain to fix$$$.

Not sure if I'll make it wednesday or not...but I hope to meet you all soon.
The next meeting is on Wednesday.....location:

Angela's Italian
At Oldmud Tavern
Interstate 95 Exit 118 Thornburg, VA
(540) 582-5250

Some of the Richmond guys usually meet up at Rob's work for the drive up. I'm thinking it's Jeff'e turn to drive the newly rebuilt 80....
Norm, yeah I think you are right, I don't think we will fit in his Miata!!
Where do you work rob, it might be nice to save on gas.

BTW dwight and i got my exhaust done, i had a little scare yesterday (egr decided to go nuts) but otherwise its running good, gas mileage hasnt gone down although it smells a little rich. I was hoping to have the sliders on by the meeting but at least they will be done by GSMTR, they are turning out really well.
Patrick Auto group
405 s. Washington hwy
Ashland VA 23005

We normally meet around 6 pm and leave by 6:10 or so. We are located about 5 miles north of Virginia Center commons. You can come up route 1 or 95 and get off at exit 92 B.
I would have drove if I had had it 80 back and didn't have to work late. I went to pick it up 2 weeks ago and they had the steering all jacked. It would max out the dampener on a 90 degree right turn and turn fine left. I told them they probably turned the steering wheel while the axle was off and it should be a pretty simple fix. For some reason they can't get it staight.

They are also working on a gap between the inner and outer fender that they replaced.

Rob if they haven't brought it up for alignment yet can you look at it when they do to see if they got it right?


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