New guy w new fj60

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Jun 3, 2019
Lowell Indiana
Hi Guys new member here, I just bought a pretty decent 84 fj60 that has been sitting for 10 years, Put it on the trailer for $400 bucks, found $9 under the seat so $391. Ran when parked as they say. Has 131K on the clock, decent shape considering it spent it's life in Chicago. it was zebarted for rust control and PO gooped some rubber stuff alond the fender edges around the mud flaps etc. that defintly help with rust prevention. I'll have a bunch of tech questions as i get it back on the road. It was filthy so I have been making it presentable for the neighbors sake. I put a charger on the battery and all the lights horn gauges worked. I forgot today, tomorrow I'll grab a new battery from work and maybe put a aux. fuel line to the carb and see what happens. Any advice for proper maintance, things to look for would be appriciated cheers gregz


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$391 is a score, running or not. Great color, too.

That gas pump in your driveway is gonna come in handy!
SCORE! If it's been sitting for 10 years w/out the motor having been run... the first thing I would do is try to turn the motor by hand with a breaker bar. Just make sure it's not locked up. You may want to disconnect the fuel line from the carb so no old gas gets moved into the carb. Post up some pics of the engine comp.
squirt some oil in thru the spark plug holes before you turn it by hand as g-man suggested. I'd personally change the oil first as well, but that 's just me. Have a can of starter fluid with you as well.

The body is in stellar shape for a chicago vehicle, and no cracks in the dash is a plus. I think you'll have a gem once it's cleaned up, and for $400 (OK, $391), you stole it from somone
Great looking find regardless of price. Nice clean interior and no huge rust on the body.

What was parked beside it in the garage?
Great score. The deals are definitely still out there
Great save - that deserves to be driven and turning heads in the Midwest on nice, rain/salt-free days.
Wooooooooooooooo....enjoy the pain + joy!!!
Wow...congrats on STEALING that FJ!!!
I'll give ya $800 right now🤣😂😅😆😁😅😅
Great score!
Take your time on getting her started up.
Go through all the fluids.
You could get your money back just by selling the snake blinders... now go google snake blinders.. haha. Welcome! seriously epic score.

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