New Guy HEI question

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Jan 16, 2010
Long time lurker here. I usually search the forums prior to asking and always find an answer so I never have to post...
My question is I just purchased an HEI dizzy From Gr8thtrods. I need to find a set of spark plug wires and the guys at the auto parts store are not much help. What vehicle matches the FJ40 6cyl HEI Spark plug wires? I am trying to avoid having rediculously long spark plug wires on my rig. Any help would be great.
Also does anyone have any good tips on my HEI install?
Napa Ofered to custom make a set for my GM TBI instl. in my FJ40.
But I changed my mind regarding using a GM dizy.
Used a 78-87 Toyota dizy, converted it per Downey.Avoiding all the problems .


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