New Guy. Bought FJ62 need input

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May 17, 2010
Just purchased an 88 Cruiser w/ 162k on it for $1,000. It has one area of rust on the rear fender but otherwise it is fine. The previous owner had the spray on bedliner professionally applied to the floor of the interior and the edges of the exterior. Everything is original even the transmission (automatic). Problems that I know of right off the bat is the exhaust (sounds brutal when gassed up) and an obvious fuel line leak right before the tank. Anybody have a problem with these? Any advice?

It starts up great, 4 wheel drive works. I'm a rookie so I leave it you experts. What do I have to look out for? What is the best mod you ever made? Any reccomendations?
Check to see if the tank has been replaced under the Toyota recall. Mike
I post my pictures as a direct link code from my account. just click on the little mountain icon and paste in the code, then your pictures load directly from photobucket and you can post as many as you want.

See, unless you post lots of pictures to appease the cruiser gods, people will just tell you to do some searches before asking such common questions. (oh, and you really should spend some time in the FAQ thread;)).

Hope these pics come out.
image (3).jpg
image (5).jpg
image (4).jpg
Sweet! Came with the rack I presume? Pretty good for 1K. You'll probably find more rust the deeper you get into the thing but that's ok, looks like it will be a nice, useful rig. Since you were nice enough to post pictures: :flipoff2:
Welcome! And congrats on your purchase!

Get the fuel leak fixed right away. Everything else can be done at your leisure.


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