New Gray Door Panels

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Jul 13, 2015
Samish Island, WA
So, a very long tome ago I told you all how I ordered door panels from SMS auto fabrics. I finally received them today! Disappointed in the time it took, but pleased with what I received today. Quality looks good. Maybe not a perfect fabric match, I haven't compared it yet, but I guess I finally became enough of a PITA to have them fill my order. I intentionally ordered black carpet to match the carpet set I bought from DNP.

Neat. I suspect they will look great once installed. Did they send you a complete door panel, or just all the 'skin' that attached to your piece of particle board backing?
I gave them a front and rear door panel and then the skins and metal top parts for the other doors. I was worried that they would lose them, but they came back beautiful. Worth the wait? I suspect so.
$795 for the set of 4 doors
Those look great. Are you excited to cut all the holes?
Actually, the holes are already cut (just covered with fabric) except for the window switches which I intend to move to the console. But no, would not be excited if I had to do that. I ordered them for the front panels with the window switches deleted.
Was the fabric a good match? I ordered some fabric from their sample and what I received appeared darker.
Was the fabric a good match? I ordered some fabric from their sample and what I received appeared darker.
I don't really know, mine were faded and thrashed. Plus I wasn't going for a restoration. It was pretty close though.
Best aftermarket panel I’ve seen yet. I’m very impressed. Looking forward to seeing them mounted.
Me too. ;). Been building a house and in the middle of a bunch of other stuff, so project has been delayed. But hoping this spring.
I'd melt if you retrimmed some recaro LS' with that fabric and vinyl along with rear seats.
I didn't touch the seats. I have BMW seats and going to have the rears recovered to match the black. Thats part of the reason I went to black carpet.
Gosh. That's actually not a bad price. How long did it take to get them back?
Short answer...Too damn long. I think it was seven months. Promised six weeks hahahaha
@Richfj60 looking solid. congrats. i am in the process of doing an interior swap from OEM brown to OEM grey on my 89.

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