NEW FZJ80 - Parts needed

Dec 23, 2009
Well, I jumped in and bought my second FZJ80 (before I've even finished restoring my first)...bought it site unseen from a dealer in NY, had it delivered here in Indiana today. Not too bad, but naturally the dealer did not disclose everything to me. A few things that trouble me and require me needing parts I wasn't planning on needing:

Some moron sprayed the gray interior passenger rear door with gray paint...used that cheap vinyl paint to cover rips, tears, stains or mismatched doing so he painted over the chrome trim, over the light and in areas I can't believe. Does anyone know where I can get a new or used gray door panel for a 96' FZJ80.

Also, I was particular about his listing ALL rusted areas...he missed telling me that the driverside running board is rusting so badly that if you step on it 10 ounces of rust falls off the bottom. So, it looks like need some factory running boards...either driver side or both. I would imagine I could repair these, but would prefer finding a fairly decent one or pair second hand. I know a lot of you have pulled your factory boards off...anyone have any?

Another thing...the driver seat is missing rear seat tilt button...nice that he missed telling me that one. I would think the dealer might be able to supply me with that without having to buy an entire electrical panel, but who knows.

I am certain I will need a few other items for this truck as I delve into it this the proper place to list needed parts or is there another section...where are parts that are for sale listed? Thanks for the help...I will post pictures of the truck in a new thread sometime this week...looking forward to restoring this one with some cool touches!! Thanks for the help in advance.



Oct 9, 2006
Dayton, OH
Rich...I have a set of factory running boards, just sitting in my garage. Shoot me PM and we can figure something out, I am in Cincinnati, OH.

This may get moved to the parts wanted section, but never the less I am sure "WE" can get your second 80 up to snuff.

Good luck...

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