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Aug 12, 2013
Dreamed of one. US Army Afghan Veteran. Drove one. Toyota tech at Houston. Worked on one. Now I put people in jail and I just bought one!

1996 fzj80 with 269,000 with diff locks. Never knew what that was or what it was for till MUD.

I bought Cruiser for $1,000 from a SWAT guy. I am the 2nd owner and will be its last. When I bought the Cruiser I drove it straight to the dealership for an overall check. I know I said was a yota tech, but I had good intentions of my actions.

Cruiser had major leaks. Power steering, oil pump, valve cover, front axles, and CEL. I paid dealership $4356.00 for:

Front axle rebuild with front, transfer, rear fluids.
Water pump, oil pump, power steering pump with lines replaced OEM
PHH, upper/lower and rear coolant hoses, thermo replaced OEM
EGR VSV, temp sensor, modulator, fuel filter, vac hoses replaced OEM
Front and rear pads and rotor replacement OEM
O2 sensors and muffler replaced OEM
Trans flush, coolant flush, oil change (royal purple), a/c evac and recharge
Tire balance, alignment
(Spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor, sealant, gasket, trans gasket, trans filter, and Toyota hoodie! Wires etc were not put on).

I have painted grille, rims, and center caps black. Installed an aftermarket antenna, cause PO's ex ripped original off. Tore out interior, cleaned carpets, and panels. That's it for this month. Next on list is fuel stuff, battery, OME suspension with duratrac tires, and armor. Last of all. This is the best forum I have ever been to, since I've owned cars.

Thank you for protecting our nation and for rescuing another cruiser!

Love the "Murderer" look. All blacked out! mileage is a second issue if you have a good cruiser. They are great for toys. Cheers!
Great use of those deployment dollahz cuz!
The mileage of the cruiser was high, but I'm prepared to take on any issues. Me and the wife set aside a cruiser fund:)
Where u located now? Sorry if its obvious but I can't tell from my phone on the mud app. Nice corolla btw.
My cruiser is blacked out as well.
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Thank you! I was with NATO in Kabul. We drove 80's everywhere. No armor. No special stuff. Just factory land cruisers!

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