New fzj 80 owner Turlock

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Mar 18, 2009
Modesto, CA
I bought the 80 off mud about 3 months ago. It's had a few leaks but it's really a nice vehicle.
Looks clean.... Bought one for my girl in feb, just to get her to stop driving my 40, love it! What rear bumper is that?
It's a kaymar rear. I sold my fj cruiser and bought the 80. I've been very happy with it except for the gas mileage.
Yea around town milage sucks, but I seem to get ok highway
With the supercharger it seems my mileage I about the same on the highway and city
Oh super charger... I think dustys running a charger too
'94 w/250K+ miles. I'm slowly getting things up to par on it.

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