new front seats

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Oct 15, 2005
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
:beer: Installed two new bucket seats in the rig this arvo from a GXL cruiser. I have a base model wagon.Going to fab up a center console during the week.Aus spec poverty packs have 1/3 2/3 front seats. All in all a very good change.
Good move. I like the GXL seats - they support the back a lot better. On the other hand it would be nice to sit three across in the front. Especially if lucky pierre is a pretty girl or handy with the shift knob.
Thanks mate long time no here . Seats are unreal.
You'll love the new ones no more numb bums. drove the 60 for a few years with the original seats. Best thing i ever did was put buckets in. Makes te drive more pleasureable. Why not try the wreckers for a GXL console beats making one.

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