New Fj80 owner in WA state, couple questions!

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Jan 25, 2015
Vancouver, WA
Hello everyone!

This is one of my first post on here so go easy!

Im a 25 year old guy, this is my first toyota, Im a Subaru Forester guy (see below!)

I have recently decided with in the last few months that I want to do a mild overland build so I can camp and explore deeper in the woods than my Forester XT can take me…. I started looking as Series 1 Land Rover Discoverys (Always have loved them). How ever, I could not find a good, reliable used discovery and really started thinking about how they have such a horribly reputation... But, I noticed a 1992 Land cruiser for sale on craigslist and started doing research. after finding out how damn reliable these rigs are I had to go look at it!

The car was located in a ritzy part of Portland, Oregon (people who aren't afraid to maintain their cars properly). it had been used as a "pavement princess" for its life running kids back and forth to school, before that it was owned by a young woman, then a elderly man and has been in Oregon since 14,000 miles, Originally bought in McAllan, Texas.

Heres the Craigslist Photo….

The land cruiser has 259,000 miles on it, everything that should be greased underneath has been greased regularly, good tires (undersized), oil changes every 3,000 miles, Tranny fluid was a good color, and a some what recent break job. Plus everything works besides one rear window! the rig certainly does not look like it has nearly as many miles as it does on it! so I bought it for what I think is a great deal…

First tank!

And after a quick wash,


So I get it home and start inspecting… all the Fluids look good besides the front diff. I replaced all the vacuum lines (somewhat rough idle) new radiator cap, change the oil, and then start looking at the spark plugs… I notice the the far plug was not even connected!! I just drove this rig 70 miles and it felt great, I was very surprised to find that I was firing on 5 cylinders.. but any how, its sunday, I ran out of day light and I have a nice list of small tasks to get started on bright and early saturday!

Now for the un-know… #1) when I put it in Drive, Reverse pretty much any moving gear, I get a drivetrain "clunk", also while driving, if you let off the gas quick it goes "clank" like theres play in the drive train. I assume it was u-joints just based on past experience, but after looking over the system I feel like there is a bit of play in the transfer case… any ideas? its going to a shop for inspection/service this week.

#2) When the Transmission is at operating temp, and driving normal, it seems that the truck will "jump" or "Surge" up in revs 200-300rpm while under power in 2nd gear, you feel the car leap forward somewhat.. its strange, other than that the Transmission and whole rig drives fantastic, shifts nice and smooth. and Ideas? I can elaborate if needed.

Thats my story so far, Im looking forward to getting this truck back to 100% and then enjoying it.

However, This is my real pride and joy. My 2011 Subaru Forester XT Touring, its tuned and bolted with Cobb/Nameless as well as Geolander A/T-S Tires. and some other mods, its a nice and fun rig with the EJ25 WRX motor.
If you research here on Mud I think you will find the driveline clunk normal for a 92 cruiser with 259K. The 93 and up have a viscous coupler in the transfer case that reduces the clunking. You could check the u-joints, lube them. Worn drive flanges on the front hubs could be a contributing factor. Its just the combined slop in all the various components. Learn to live with it.

The surging or jumping of the transmission is not normal. I think you need to provide more information as to what you mean by normal. If you are in 2nd gear then I'm assuming it means under acceleration. Do you have the shifter in D, 3 or 2? Try each position and note and changes to the behavior.
ok ill try to elaborate…

the best I can describe is, while driving normal, it shifts perfect into 2nd, and then as the revs build, it feels like you just lightly punched the throttle, causing the "surge" of power. say the revs are at 1800, it jumps to 2000 for a sec, then goes normal and drives and shifts perfect. but you can feel the power caused by this weird "surge" which rules out slip to me.. I'm not a transmission guy at all. the tranny was 1 qt low upon inspection after the fact. so I will be adding a quart in the coming days (before I drive it next).
The clunck is normal for these years like said learn to live with it. Also sounds like your kick down cable needs to be adjusted. Find an fsm and follow the steps its pretty easy and might take care of your shifting issues. It did on mine awhile back
From a fellow pac west guy, welcome! I was also into subarus specifically wrx's and left that world of drowning in mod and dyno bills for this one...its a different type of rewarding but its worth every penny.
Your surge issue might not be transmission related. Almost sounds like a fuel related issue.
Surge could be related to Throttle Position Sensor also. There are posts on here on how to check it with a voltmeter
^thanks for the tips guys, I would be very surprised if this is a fuel issue, how ever this is my first land cruiser so I don't know the little querks. Ill check out the TPS.. also.
Clunk is normal unfortunately....nothing wrong with the rig. Swap out the front drive flanges for larger 95-97 flanges and it'll take 90% of the clunk away. ACC in Atlanta did this for my previous '91 and it worked.
Welcome. What part of WA are you in? Lots of folks in Puget Sound and some good LC specific shops.
Looks like a nice clean truck! Congrats on the purchase!
UPDATE- This weekend, preformed a some what of a tune up, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, air filter.. still need to do fuel filter, and check the timing, Also had a full tranny service. The shop said the transmission is I'm beautiful shape and he also was able to fix the "surging issue" I originally complained about. how ever we did narrow down the "clunk" to the tansfer case, nothing major just some slop in the case. Im still amazed how well this thing runs for 259K miles. She will probably be making the 2 hour trip "home" with me tonight!

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