New FJ80 owner here...

Jul 11, 2005
Southern NJ
Hey fellas,

I'm a new FJ80 owner, just picked up a 1992 FJ80 the other night in very nice condition. No rust/rot anywhere, very clean body (some minor dings, dents nothing major) and pretty mechanically sound. It does need some brake work (currently has no pedal pressure) so I'll be tackling that shortly.

The FJ80 is white with the blue cloth interior. 163,000 original miles, clear title.

It's loaded as ordered when new:

4x4 (says All Wheel 4WD on tailgate)
old school factory cell phone w/ dual wired rear antennaes on back glass
diff locker button on dash
vehicle is equipped all available power options for 1992
power moon roof
3rd row of seats
running boards
roof rack
factory alarm system

build date is 11/91

The only physical exterior "blems" I have to fix are, the front and rear bumpers need to be corrected, as they have suffered "city bumps" during it's city life. The seller also gave me any paperwork or service records he had since he had owned the vehicle. I believe I'm the 3rd owner.

Just a brief history - I'm mechanically inclined and am a primary Mustang owner (have owned 17 Mustangs over the years) with my current Mustang being a 1994 Cobra. I am automotive forum savvy and am a member of many forums, so this stuff is not new to me I'm just new to this forum and Toyota FJ80 ownership... LOL! I had purchased a 1987 Ford Bronco XLT 4x4 for a daily driver to keep miles off the Cobra, then came across this 92 Land Cruiser... So, the Bronco is being sold and the LC will take the place as the daily driver. :cool:

The final price paid for the FJ80 was $2300.00... Is $2300.00 a decent price for a 1992 FJ80?

Oh, the owner did not have the factory alarm system key fobs, they must have been lost at some point in time during his ownership, or the prior owner's ownership. What is the correct style of 1992 FJ80 alarm/remote entry key fob supposed to look like? Can these be purchased outside of the dealer on eBay and if so, are they easily programmable like other remote entry fobs?

I'll be going over the entire vehicle, cleaning, washing, detailing, etc.

Does anyone recommend a certain aftermarket vendor for buying tune up parts, valve cover gaskets, etc? I know I could go to the dealer, but I also know they'd rape me on parts... Just wondering where everyone else purchases parts online.

nice site - I've already read many threads pertaining to certain items on the FJ80's.

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Jan 15, 2002
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for genuine Toyota parts, contact cruiserdan on the forum....Toyota dealer (american toyota, watch for the banner), but you won't find better pricing - also, check out the Vendor listing, quite a few aftermarket people on the forum, service you can't beat.

$2300 is a screamin done well!

That "diff lock" switch is center diff only....axle-diff locks didn't come available until later.

welcome :flipoff2:


Sep 7, 2004
Hayward, Ca.
welcome, cobra jet, I too own a cruiser and a 2004 cobra...Official wlecome :flipoff2: ... Do plan on building the cruiser for primarily offroading?


May 19, 2004
Los Angeles
Cobra Jet said:
The final price paid for the FJ80 was $2300.00... Is $2300.00 a decent price for a 1992 FJ80?

WOW!!! :eek: very nice price. Around my parks I wasn't able to see any FJs for less than $5000. End it up buying and FZJ80 for $8k instead. Anyways thats a great deal, welcome and enjoy your new ride.


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Oct 27, 2003
uhhhh...duh...Northern CA
Welcome aboard :flipoff2:

Definitely a screamin' deal on the FJ80. Nice.
I second your contacting CruiserDan, a.k.a. CDan for your parts. If you don't catch the banner at the top of the page for American Toyota, there's a "sticky" thread in the vendors section titled "how to contact cruiserdan" or something like that.

Jul 11, 2005
Southern NJ
Hey fellas - thanks for all the replies!

Well, the seller had listed it for sale for almost $4k. I went and looked it over and already knew prior to seeing the vehicle the brakes were not working from conversations with the seller. So, once there, my friend and I looked it over, started it and I drove it using the e-brake to slow me down. I tested all of the other items on the vehicle (lights, A/C, any other power options, 4x4, trans, etc) and everything else seemed fine, even the test drive was "ok".

The brake pedal drops to the floor, but, there is the slightest pressure that will "stop" the vehicle once it's depressed. More so, the rear brakes are doing the work. The master cylinder is completely empty from what I can see, BUT it's not wet anywhere on the top side (lines or booster). Looking under it, I can see fresh brake fluid all over the backs of the front tires. So, my assumption is the original front brake hoses have failed and/or there are caliper issues (leaks). The seller parked it after the brake issue.

So, I negotiated with the seller and started out extremely low - $2,000 was my initial offer. After we spoke more, the final outcome was $2300 cash and I'm returning his aftermarket stereo head unit that was in the vehicle. I had looked on KBB for "street values" or private party sales, and saw the KBB was high. I was still not sure if the deal I secured was decent or not, considering it seems that the Land Cruisers are like Mustangs - you can't go by ANY book values when buying/selling as they command street values being they are their own niche.

I guess the deal was good since I'm "new" to the Land Cruiser world. I'll try and get pics up soon, just don't have the time right now.

As for my intentions with the vehicle, at the moment, just cleaning it up, fixing any issues and going forward with it as a daily driver (highway). I like the feeling of the vehicle over all, as it seems like a very solid vehicle when in the driver's seat (even more solid than my full size Bronco). This FJ80's HP numbers or power does not really concern me, as that is what the Cobra satisfies when I need "WOT".... :cheers:

Jul 7, 2004
1992 FJ80 problems

This cruiser has the 3FE engine, right?
If I'm not full of it, the 90-92 years have a habit burning up the fuse block under the hood. This is an engineering fu! You may have some rewiring to do. I don't have the immediate links at hand, but the yahoo 3fe group probly does, as well as the guys here on this board.
Jul 14, 2004
Pullman, WA

As you already know , there is a plethera of information here - great resource!

As for the key FOBS they do show up every once in awhile on ebay - not sure on the 92's per se but they do for the one that looks like mine! Usually around $30-$40.

Enjoy!! Oh, post some pics!!!



Nov 16, 2004
Queensland and California
Welcome :flipoff2:

$2,300? Again :flipoff2: . I've had bigger car rental bills...

I wouldn't worry about correcting the front/rear bumpers unless they are absolutely unsightly. Might end up replacing them with ARB or something down the road anyway.

Contact CruiserDan on this forum for parts and smarts.


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