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May 19, 2011
East bay (bay area) CA
Just about to aquired an Fj60 for next to nothing in good shape. It has 35's with SOA and enough clearence for 38's.

Problem areas:
It currently is not running well because one cylinder is at 30psi while the rest have 150. Previous owner says it needs a valve job.

2. I would like to lower it a bit. I know to must of you this sounds like a terrible thing to do because many people are interested in SOA, but i would like this to be a daily driver and dont wish to crall my way up to the seat. What would be the best way to do this lowering? some have said new axles are required, or different springs.

3. After market racing seats with 4 point harnesses. this are a great looking seats but not needed for my aplication. you may see me selling these soon. recomended replacement front seats for a daily driver?

I am leaving the world of the jeep TJ and coming to the dark side of a more interesting vehicle and looking forward to tinkering more often and enjoying a classic.
Welcome to the dark side. You will find there is actually more light over here.

As for lowering you may only need to take out a leaf or 2 out of the springs to get your height.

30 psi sounds like a burnt valve. You may find it is just out of adjustment if you are lucky. Start with a valve adjustment before you pull the head.

There are lots of seat options, just start searching.
now own a rough fj60, but excited

Well i got it. It is a bit rougher then i thought but a good starting point. body has just a tiny bit of rust and a few poor bondo jobs, but managable. Interior is terrible; things to go would be front racing seats, door panals need replacing, tint job has gone bad, and carpet is needed in front.

the spring over is impressive and a low profile large gas tank was cool to find. I am 6'2 and struggle to get in this massive lift. I think i might sell these spring overs and get some SUA.

attached some pics.
Still far from driving. Needs valve work. Cat and smog test to get me on the road. Taking my time on that, but while it sits i am trying to locate blue door panels, cargo panels, and concidering a Rino Line floor. Also new front seats. The race seats with four points must go.
Welcome aboard.
If you don't mind dropping a little coin, the pro-car seats seem to be the ticket in ease of installation, fit, and comfort for these rigs; however, if you search the forum, you'll find a host of other less expensive options.

The SOA looks good.
A set of sliders, a step (which will eventually get caught if you go rock climbing) or maybe a swing out, will assist you in ease of entry and exit.

The rig looks pretty good.
Good luck with the rust repairs. Thats a major bug with these trucks:(
Damned things will rust out while you watch:lol:

Keep us informed on the progress and oh yeah, can't forget the official MUD welcome :flipoff2:

Welcome aboard! Sweet 60 hoss, love the color, same as mine;)
One easy way to lower it a bit is to switch to a set of springs with less arch
stock springs would do the trick i think. otherwise i would concider removing a few springs. I was hoping to get some SUA axles but was only hoping to spend between 300-400 or trade after install.

In the mean time i have some blue panels on the way, need to strip carpet, and have been working on vinyl dye a few mis-matched panels.
Found the Compresion problem, or at least part of it. Head gasket blown, and bent/ broken valve push rod. Also found that the engine is running to rich. Also missing thermostat (makes me wonder if cooling pump is even working. My project just became even bigger then i thought. :bang:
spring pic

here is a picture of the srings and shackles the Fj60 came with. Thought i would provide these for imput on lowering the SOA a few inches.
engine update: lifter on bad cylinder was worn down and being replaced. The top of it looked like a golf tee.
Going from SOA to SUA will be about as difficult as vice versa... not exactly an easy change to make. That said, that cruiser looks higher than most standard SOA cruisers, so you may be able to lower it an inch or two just by running stock springs. If you need to go lower than that, I would recommend finding someone local who would be willing to trade axles/steering linkages, etc and assist in the SOA/SUA conversion.

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