New FJ60 Owner-Questions.

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Jul 2, 2011
I just bought my first FJ60 and it makes a knocking sound almost like a lifter is bad. Is this a common problem? Any ideas on what it may be? I'd really appreciate the help!!
The 2F does clatter some like a sewing machine. Since you just got the truck, I would definitely adjust the valves. Do a search to find out how.
No, Not normal, as stated adjust valves, then re-evaluate. Welcome Mike
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My 62 had me concerned about the same sound. Mine was a small exhaust leak to some extent but also after hanging out with some Cruiser guys I have found that the ticking I hear from my 3FE is pretty normal. Just like a sewing machine. tick tick tick I will be adjust the valves at some point to see if it helps. I'll let ya know. Welcome in to a long long journey.
You could try new plugs and wires first. Easy and cheap. MIke
Thanks guys I really appreciate the help I will try adjusting the valves and let you know! I was kind of wondering if it was supposed to sound like that. I know some of these old toyotas sound a little different. Ill keep you posted on how it is.

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