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Apr 3, 2007
:bounce: Hey guys, I finally bought an fj! I also finally became a member of this site. So hello all.
Thanks for the welcome. I will post some pics as soon as I am able to.
Thanks again! I think I gonna go with an arb front bumper.Do you guys think I can put the bumper on the stock shocks?
I put my ARB bumper on last summer and wheeled with it all summer long. I think I lost about 3/4" of ground clearance. If you are wheeling some harder trails you will be looking to gain back the clearance... The good news is even if you didn't add the bumper and you where wheeling the harder trails you would be looking to gain some height.

Just one word of warning once you start doing mod's its hard to stop:D

I also don't thing there is a proper order to start your mods but if this helps heres the order I started in

Tires 33AT's
Bumper w/winch
Rock Rails
Skid Plates
Front Lift
Rear Lift

I think I'm at a point where I am going to leave it for now... I could put 35's on it but think I will wait untill I identify the 33's as a weekness.

hope this helps
if you plan to go with 35"s this is the order i plan to use

drawer system
lift all around
rock rails
air tank/comperssor

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