New FJ Cruiser launch

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Hot Damn
Dec 20, 2004
Brandon, MS

I talked today with the sales manager for Gray Daniels Toyota and he is real excited about displaying some of our trucks for the FJ Cruiser launch. They are talking about newspaper coverage as well as a live radio broadcast on the day of the launch. We will be talking about this at the meeting in Feb. so try to be there. I think this could be some great publicity for the club. Shine em' up fellas!

ps40-2 said:
sounds cool. Can scratch and dent 60s come?

What about "Scratch n Win" 80's?.... Hey I think I found a name for my wagon... Scratch N Win

Given the dates, I'd like to come for the whole experience
What about scratch and sniff Euclids?:)
jesterb said:
What about scratch and sniff Euclids?:)

Coffee travels fast from mouth to keyboard! I should know by now to never read while sipping...
KOWBOY said:
I'm sure that Tie-ota dealer would be just tickled pink to have Bodean's rig there ...

after all ... it's a really "nice truck". :flipoff2:


I knew I could get some response out of you on this one. You just couldn't help it could you? I am planning on using that new car wash that I got at the raffle!


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