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Jan 3, 2011
Westchester County, NY
Is this still the way to go?..I got it from a 7 year old thread....


From "Yooper"

The following exhaust configuration is tried and tested on many FJ62's, including my own:

- stock exhaust manifold
- custom y-pipe into a single hi-performance generic catalytic converter (Catco makes a nice one, available from Summit Racing)
- all 2.5" pipe (if you go larger you will lose some low-end torque)
- free flowing muffler of your choice - the custom exhaust guy will have an inexpensive one to recommend
- keep everything going straight back, and keep the pipes tucked up into the frame
- reinstall the oxygen sensors in the y-pipe arms at approximately the same locations along the pipes that they were in before. If your oxygen sensors are old (more than 100K miles), replace them with new generic ones from
- tailpipe straight out the back, but cut just before it reaches the bumper, so it doesn't get pinched on the trail


Jul 23, 2006
Chicagoland, IL
I went with a Summit Fully Welded Muffler when I bought my Catco from Summit. $30

All 2.5" pipe. Although the shop that did mine would not route the exhaust straight out the back. Said that would never be done from the factory. I tried arguing but he would only do it out the side. My cruiser still had the factory exhaust, I brought it in so the new pipe could be bent in the exact same fashion. Still didn't believe me.

If anything I'll just eventually lop it off under the cruiser and clamp on a turndown tip. The welds they did on my exhaust were awful, but I only paid $234.

Hope that helps!
Jul 20, 2010
Colorado Springs, CO
I kept the 2 downpipes for the O2 sensors, but then went 2 1/2 to a dual-in, dual-out cat and muffler, both magnaflow. One tailpipe straight back out the drivers side and one mandrel bent around the spare to the passenger side. By opening up the exhaust (and the intake via the TLC intake) I am able to run the timing at 14 degrees vice the standard 7 degrees. When I did it there was definitely more power. 22in Magnaflow sounds nice too!
Apr 18, 2008
Great Northwest
I just had a new muffler and tailpipe put on mine. After calling around, I found a custom shop able to make it in stainless. Very pleased with the results...

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