New engine oiling and runnning in..

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May 7, 2007
Tasmania, Australia
Hi all,
Installing my rebuilt engine.. Before the engine got dropped into the engine bay, I filled it with oil and proceeded to prime the oil pump with a screwdeiver and drill through the distributor hole.. I expected to see oil arrive at the rocker arms, but nothing.. I know the pump is primed and pumping, as I removed the oil filter and got pressurised oil all over me.. My toughts are that the assembly lube has a good seal on the bearings and I wont see oil at the head till I start the engine.. Are my thoughts correct?

Also, whats the generally accepted way to fun these 2F engines in?
Pull the spark plugs and turn the engine over with the starter, this is the best way to prime the oil system before starting a rebuilt engine.
The oil has to pass through at least the camshaft journals, and IIRC the crankshaft journals too, on it's way to the valve train. The alignment is only correct at certain positions of the rotating assembly to accomplish this.
Oil Should Come to the Rocker Arms

I just pre-lubed a 2F on the weekend and oil did drip out of the rocker arm weep holes.
I'd say that you should run the drill a bit more and if nothing comes ... troubleshoot.
There should be good oil pump resistance.
As stated above oil isn't going to go to the valvetrain until you have the oil passage in the cam ligned up with the passage in the block so it can flow up to the top.

Pretty sure Poser has stated to have the engine at TDC before the cam oiling port is aligned with the valvetrain passage.

Or you can do like me rotate the engine manually a few degrees and then spin the drill. Then repeat until it is coming out.

Though if you spin the drill and show oil pressure at the gauge your good to go assuming you have dumped at least a quart of oil all over the valvetrain. Should provide enough lubrication until the oil finally makes it all the way up.
I did have the engine at TDC when 'drilling'..

I felt good resistance on the drill in the oil pump..

Now that the engine is in and have battery and starter and oil pressure connected, I've cranked again and registered oil pressure on the gauge.. When I assembled the valve train, I made sure it had plenty of lubrication, when I take the rocker cover off to time it, I'll make sure its got plenty.. It wont go dry..

I'm sure it'll all be fine, its just the first time I've done this..

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