New CSC Member AZCA!!!

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07' GX470
Nov 11, 2010
Welcome our newest CSC member Mark member #277

Welcome to the club!!!!!

Welcome!! :clap:
Welcome AZCA!

Show us your toy! :steer:
Thank you all! Not much to look at yet, still have a lot that I would like to do but very little time and my little girl going to college took some of my play money, well a lot of my play, well most, okay she got all but $5. :crybaby:

I recently mounted a 12k HF behind the stock bumper but still need to wire it up. Looking to do in cab controls with it and still need to figure out what/how I want to do the controls. Got the switches just need the relays and wire...

Anyway this was the first time I had it out with the 35s, and to me it is scary what these things can do. I need to go out on a ride with you folks to see what the limits are. The cone that developed in my seat the last time out took a couple of weeks to smooth out! :censor:

I have a 02 expedition that for such a large rig did very well in the dirt (out wheeled my 95 4 runner) that I took up this same trail a couple years back. It barely made it up and it was much worse now. The cruiser just walked up it like it wasn't even there! Its a BEAST and I love it!

Anyway I again appreciate the warm welcome and hope to be able to make the next meeting! :steer:



Welcome our newest CSC member Mark member #277

Welcome to the club!!!!!


It must be karma, club number is my favorite rifle caliber of all time! Well me an Jack O Connor (for you younger folks he was widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best, outdoor writer of his time and perhaps all time. it helped that he loved Arizona and popularized the land for all the country and if I am not mistaken lived here as well.)
I have been a cruiser fan since I was a kid. I remember looking at the new 40s when I was very young in Illinois and then my dad's best friend had one when we moved to Flagstaff. I learned to drive a stick in that rig.

I have lusted after one of these since I bough my first Toyota, an 86 4x4 that I fixed up. Loved that truck too, hated to sell it but wanted to buy a house.

Finally got this one late last year, done the baselineing on it, well most of it, still need a few more heater hoses to be replaced. So far I have:

rebuilt the front axle
replaced the front calipers and rotors and installed 100 pads
replaced all the tie rods
new oil pan gasket
new valve cover gasket and all associated gaskets
new oil pump cover gasket
new radiator
new water pump
new power steering pump
almost all new hoses
steering stabilizer
ome 2.5 lift
spare tire "lift"
added the 35s

I love the versatility and the ability of the 80 but there will always be a soft spot in my heart for a 40 or even a 45.

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