New Cruiser owner in Arizona

Oct 15, 2005
Gilbert, AZ
Woo hoo! My first post!

First off, i want to thank the Rising Sun 4x4 club in Colorado for getting me hooked. I've wheeled with them for a while in my Suzuki, but they made me want a Land Cruiser. So, 10 days ago, I sold my Suzuki and my Subaru and bought a green '96 green FZJ80, locked, with 165k miles. Sorry, I don't have pictures... probably not for a while - my wife and I are in the process of relocating to Arizona, and our digital camera is still in Colorado. Two days after buying it, we drove it nearly 1000 miles from Denver to Phoenix. We got 16 miles per gallon between Denver and Moab, and 18 between Moab and Phoenix, not too shabby.

And now I have a bit of work to do - Colorado emissions centers have dynos for full time four wheel drive cars, and it passed emissions fine. Arizona doesn't (at least, the place I took it to doesn't). So they just plugged an OBDII scanner in and... it failed :censor:. The check engine light is burned out (which I should have checked for when I bought it :doh: ), and they pulled the following codes:
P0401 - EGR flow insufficient
P0130 - O2 sensor 1 circuit malfunction
P0133 - O2 sensor 1 slow response

I bought an OBDII scanner and cleared the codes, so far only the P0401 has come back. The EGR fix is well documented, and the O2 sensor shouldn't be too bad, I think the check engine light will be a pain, but hey, at least then I'll also be in the area and might as well replace the infamous 'D' light - which seems to be well documented as well. I'm happy to have a vehicle to wrench on, and am glad I brought my tools with me - I'm basically living out of a suitcase for the next month.

Does anybody in the Phoenix area have any dealerships, repair shops, or part stores that they recommend? I'm currently in temporary lodging in Scottsdale.

- Craig
Aug 19, 2003
Morrison Formation
Whipp said:
repair shops, or part stores that they recommend? I'm currently in temporary lodging in Scottsdale.
Hey welcome to the Valley. A lot of us floating around. I generally do most of what I can, and use Robbie (then) at Christo's in Golden for the big stuff, however, I have had good luck with Toyo Motors on Bell in N. PHX. The tech there is well versed in LCs and the owner's a lifted LX450 owner. They are certainly not the cheapest, but do definetely know what they're doing.

As for parts, there is John Hocker in Sierra Vista, AZ and CruiserDan out of NM. Most parts I get shipped here from either of those two folks.
Nov 29, 2004
Tempe, AZ
Congrats and welcome!!
I will be at spnic as well so I will see you then. I don't have any real advice as to parts and stuff...toyo on bell sounds good. Otherwise I get everything from Dan and do it myself. I spent 4 years in colorado going to school 4 years ago and spent sometime with the Rising Sun guys nice group. Glad to see you are coming down to some thicker O2 and look forward to meeting you


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