new clutch won't disengage

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Apr 21, 2013
I just replaced the clutch in my HJ60 H55 manual 5 speed.

1. Took it all apart
2. I had the flywheel Resurfaced at the local machine shop where a few 1000's were removed at most (so I was told) and installed it back on the vehicle (star pattern, 80ft-lbs on bolts w/ blue lock tight)
3. Installed a new throw-out bearing
4. Installed a new idle bearing
5. Installed a new clutch disk (aisin type, flat side toward fly wheel longer spline side toward tranny)
6. Installed a new pressure plate (slowly torqued in star pattern)
7. put all back together
8. Bleed the slave a tad

Clutch wont disengage =(

9. Re-adjusted the acorn on the end of the slave all the way out. at this point the fork just barely started to touch the pressure plate fins but I had no more threads

Clutch still wont disengage

10. cried for a little while at the thought of tearing down the tranny AGAIN!

now I can "SEE" the slave cyl move through the hole in the floor from the tx case shifter as I have not installed that boot back on yet. the slave is moving quite a bit and I can even feel the force on the fork when it engages the pressure plate, its definitely pushing on the pressure plate. AND there really isn't any more room to push the fork back as it is running up against some other part of the transfer case.

Clutch still wont disengage....

Could the throw-out bearing be the wrong one?
Could the clutch disk be in backwards?



Very stuck
Is the clutch for the H engine the same as an 2F? If yes, the disc side with the snout goes toward the flywheel.

this seems unconventional, but if true, may explain my problem why did you draw a 2 in the corner of the photo? and why dont the aisan clutch disks indicate which way its supposed to go on?
I had a thread a long time ago where I asked which side went toward engine. I can't find it now.... It's not really intuitive. Why don't they mark it? Only Asco knows.
yep and after another round of pulling the tranny.... and putting the disk in the OTHER WAY, its working now... Dang im tired and dirty and cranky now....

thanks folks...
You're not the first and won't be the last - Seems to happen with folks who install an OEM clutch 'cuz they're not marked.

At least you're rollin' again.

yep, I just went for a test drive today and it appears to be workin great! My RPM sensor was damaged in the re-install so I will be digging through the parts master for another one of those I guess...

thanks again for the assistance!
holy F#%* a new tach sensor for my 2h is freekin 300 bucks! ouch!!!! looks like im gonna "fix" mine instead. the wires are all smashed right at the end of the sensor.

[edit]that being said.. I pulled the old one, shaved down the epoxy on the top with a dremel tool till the electrical wire was exposed enough to re-solder it and its back up and running. PIA but much better than paying for a new one.
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