new cloth on seats info

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Nov 22, 2003
Fort Mac
Does anyone know where to get my seats redone in Calgary

We were just chatting about recovering seats yesterday. Many of us in the RMLCA are running Supra seats and it'd be really nice to get them recovered in leather. I wonder if we can source, or have built, a recover kit for them. I simply haven't found a seat that my butt likes any better. I'd be tempted to add the electric heaters while they are apart.

Trouble these days is that the dogs want to jump in and out across the seats and the cloth covers get too wet to sit in. They wash up fine but I'm getting diaper rash. :crybaby:
lowenbrau said:
but I'm getting diaper rash. :crybaby:
a little too much info there buddy...

i have used these guys for a while now, on recovering seats they are fantastic but on one off specialty stuff i find their attention to detail a bit lacking...

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