New bumper installed on the truck...finally

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May 15, 2011
It has been a long time coming, but I finally got a bumper made for the truck. Next is winch installation which should happen some time this week. I decided to go with the VR10000-s which should be sufficient to pull this beast around.

Not sure if you guys will be able to see the picture, so including a link.

[/url] Truck 012[/IMG]

Picture Here
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I agree. I really like how it's looking. That's just the same approach I'll be taking. 2.5" lift, same size tires, etc.
Thanks guys. I had it made by a local guy and when you factor in shipping and such, it saved me a ton of money over anything else I wanted.
Hot fire looks good
Looks great, the whole rig. I love the short bus and you have that look. Too bad I am having such a hard time finding a local fabricator to take my money and make me some sliders and number.

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