New Bilstein shock coming

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Feb 16, 2017
Bilstein will have a remote reservoir shock specifically for the 100 series by the end of summer. I spoke with the design engineer at Overland Expo this past Friday. He owns a 100 and set out to design a better shock. He designed the travel, compression and rebound for a lifted and loaded vehicle. I will not quote his price but it shocked me (pun intended). It will compare with Ironman not Icon. (Price)
Good to hear. As much of a fan as I’ve been of bilsteins 4600s on stock applications and 5100 adjustables on my modified rides I was a bit curios why they hadn’t introduced the lifted application sooner. They’d be silly not to cash in on brand loyalists needs as well as every bro who thinks their truck needs the reservoir shocks they saw on a the mall
About time now Bilstein released something other than 4600 Yellow bodies for the 100 series.
He indicated they were well past the decision stage. They will be US made at their California location.
I did a search. Bwell posted on March 21st. I have seen the photos of the actual shock. The information he relates in his post is the same information I received from the Bilstein rep. Including the price range.

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