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Aug 11, 2005
I scrapped the dual purpose idea and took a shine to the old Honda 750s. Here is my new 1979 CB. Currently running on 3 of 4 cylinders, but still a lot of fun :)
No manual yet. Do I need to find a honda one or do you think a haynes would cover it. These things are pretty simple I'm sure.
I've got compression and spark at #4, so I'm not getting gas. Guess I'll have to pull the carb assembly and see whats up...
the SOHC forum has been helpful for me, But yours is a DOHC motorcycle, But there may still be some good info there.

Single Over-Head Cam 4 Forums - Index

If you haven't found a good forum yet.
All the carbs on mine were gummed up, I was told to soak them in hot water with 10-1 mix of simple greem for an hour and wash them off well, It certainly helped.
Mine had sat for almost 8 years before I got it last year from my uncle.
Best of luck
I talked to a 750 guru today at work. He's got me on the right track to getting this bitch screaming on all 4.

He's also got a gauge to sync the carbs...that could help out in the future.

Also ordered a Clymer's manual...
Got her running on all four... Damn!
Need a new carb float and needle for #4. Somebody put in the wrong float causing the needle to stay closed and not let any gas get into the bowl. I had to cut some material off of the float to get it right, so it will probably absorb gas shortly.

Anybody know a good source for these parts? I will check the Honda bike dealer today after work.
Well, the fastest I've gotten it up to is 100-105 before a curve/my vagina got in the way. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear to 9000 rpm gives me a chubby.

I still need to sync the carbs to get it running a little better. Waiting on my Clymer's manual...
Rear tire is kinda bald, so I've got one on the way. I got myself royally soaked on my 1st ride out of the immediate neighborhood. lol. ******* scattered thunderstorms...
Austin, where in 'Bama are you staying now? You need to take that little DOHC to Barber's for the vintage bike weekend in October. I will be there.
She's getting a new rear tire put on today and the oil changed. ...

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