New BFG A/T excessive wheel weights

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Sep 21, 2006
I had some new 31x10.5x15 BFG's installed at Discount tire. 2 tires have 4 weights next to each other to balance them. One totals 4.25oz. and one 3.75 oz. Does this seem excessive? I have never seen tires with weights like that. My previous 2 sets of tires balanced a lot nicer. I took them back a second time to be balanced and they came back like this again. I am having some vibration issues and I think this may be a possible cause.
Well the experts will be chiming in on this I'm sure but I just had my 285/75/16 BFG A/Ts rebalanced and rotated and my tires needed: .50/.75/.75 and 1.25 oz. So comparing it to my used tires with over 60k miles on them I'd say that yeah that does seem like a lot.
That does seem like a lot. Then again, it took 3-7 oz per tire to balance these cooper blems:doh: Seems worse than a SS Bogger. However, they seem to drive fairly smooth now.

I would expect the BFG to have pretty good tolerances from my experience with them.
Sounds like a piss-poor shop. Or maybe a bent wheel? If you continue to have problems, consider finding a shop with a Hunter road-force balancer. It balances the tire/wheel under load, and orients the tire location on the wheel. Pretty impressive stuff, I've seen it do wonders for vibrations on sports cars, which are far more sensitive than an 80. It will also detect if your wheel has any runout.

Find one here: Hunter GSP9700 Wheel Vibration Control System

Make sure the shop has a Hunter ROAD FORCE balancer, not just a Hunter balancer. Typically it will be more expensive than a spin balance.
I hate BFG tires. When I had them it would take several trips to the tire store to eventually balance the tires. They seemed to be way off initially and then as I drove they would round out and the weights needed on each trip to the shop would gradually come off.

This would even happen on tires previously balanced but removed during the winter months. That first couple of weeks in spring was a shaky ride.
I guess I'll take it back again and keep track of how much weight is used this time and go from there. I'll report back.

Get them to rotate the tires 90 degrees on the rims and rebalnce them see if that makes the difference. Might just be bad luck that you have the heavy part of the rim and the heavy part of the tire in the same area. Works sometimes.
I have had 275 BFG MTR's and they needed up to 150 grams of weight. 454 grams = 1 pound so few oz's

Landtank you were right. They did shave some weight this time and the ride is much nicer. A couple lost almost 1oz. I still feel a little shake but I think it might just be me worrying or something else or both.

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