New Alloy Roof Rack

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Oct 15, 2005
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
Installed my new second hand E.C.B. roof rack today .
Weighs about one third as much as my old steel one and looks better to boot.
Any one want a good steel roof rack?:beer:
No such thing as good steal one. They are heavy. Nice set of lights on the front of it will set if off real nice.
Never done the lights on roof rack thing .Not even sure if its legal.Still think it looks good though.
I have a 3/4 length rack so the lights sit above the B pillar and give light out to the side so I get good view of any animals at the side of the road.
Roof mounted lights are illegal for ON-road use in Australia although you can run them disconnected so they can't come on on-road.
I reckon they're great off-road especially on tight twisty tracks and deep water crossings/deep mud where the headlights go under or get covered with the mud. You gotta watch low tree branches though!
=OZCAL]Nice. ECB = East Coast Bullbars?[/quote]

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