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Aug 5, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
So this weekend, Christi and I were talking about a new car for her. The Murano had a few miles on it and it takes a real beating on the price with more than 60k miles. I asked her what she wanted and she couldnt make up her mind, so we went looking at some lots. Saw a Highlander that she liked, surprised me with that decision.
So long story short, I bought her this

05 Highlander, 30k miles, one owner and the best part...
It AWD!!
Not a bad car, rides quite nice, has good power and zips along quietly.

Please delete this post before Han sees it.....she'll be on me to get her a different vehicle especially with the baby on the way! She has liked the Highlanders ever since we rented one not too long ago. Nice find though.
That was a big drive for us, lots of room for us and Ian. The second row slides back, leaving lots of room for a passenger! No more knees in the dash if im riding.

Ellen's got the '06 Hybrid Highlander and absolutely loves it. It's the V-6 plus the electric gadgetry (also AWD) and it will get up and move. I think the whole package is rated at something like 270 hp, but it will still get 26 - 28 mpg. It's a nice combination of power and fuel economy.

Enjoy the new Highlander!

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