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Sep 1, 2007
Palmer, Alaska
So I just picked up an 83 BJ60 and I had a few questions. It is missing the shutdown solenoid assy, the PO put a cable in. There appears to be several different arrangements for the shutdown, is there anyway to tell what it is supposed to have in it? Also, it is missing the P/S pump, it has the bracket/lines, just no pump, is it the same as on the FJs? I have a spare pump off of an FJ. Lastly, the glow plug circuit has been bypassed to a toggle switch, I am right an understanding that there is both a relay and a timer module? The two mounted on the LH fender? I've been looking at the 3B manuals online but I am going to have to just order one.

Thanks everyone.
All right I figured out I am missing the EDIC motor, per Specter very pricey, $200 for used. Any other sources for this part? It also looks like a 62 power steering pump should fit but I appear to only have one pulley on the crank so I'll have to find one of those too. I'll try to figure out how post pics.
Try Steve at EBI or Greg/Sheldon at G&S Cruiser Parts for the stuff you're missing. The EDIC motor is generally pricey.

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