New '96 FJ80 Owner

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Jan 25, 2009
San Antonio TX
Hey ya'll, just picked up a '96 FJ80, locked, 145,000 miles in San Antonio Tx. Drove it to work for a week and the radiator cracked, so the projects are adding up already! I'll be using this as my daily driver and weekend camping mobile for the fam.

List of things to do:
New radiator and hoses
Tune up
New front seat foam and leather (already ordered from AATLAS)
Remove brush guard (Already removed rear tail light brush guard which had dented the **** out the body when the PO backed into something...brush guards suck)
OME 2.5" lift and 33s or 35s on stock wheels
Durabak lower 1/4 and a across the hood where the PO had a bra which rubbed the paint off

I also have a '81 FJ40 that should get some more driving time when the 80 is getting worked on. My old lady thinks I'm crazy, but I'm selling my '07 Tacoma.

Here's a couple of pics. Have at it!

PS: 1 slightly used Manik brush guard for sale. It'll look great on your truck, I promise.
Welcome to the 80... Although I see your sickness has already been around for a while :D

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