New 96 80 Owner Roof Rack question

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Apr 4, 2010
Charlotte, NC
Hi everyone,
I'm Josh. Just sold my 98 Heep Wrangler (TJ) with 84k and purchased a white 96 FZJ80 with 130k.
Haven't taken delivery as it is down in Miami with my cousin at the moment. I am anxiously awaiting her and I look forward to being part of the LC community!

Anyways, about the roof rack.
I had a Garvin Wilderness Expedition rack on the TJ and the woman that bought it didn't want the rack. :idea: So I removed it and am now thinking maybe I can use the "cage" portion on the FZJ with something like these clamps.

Any thoughts? Will it work? Better clamp/attachment solution out there?
Would it fit appropriately? Measurements are 72"x54"x4"
I am a little worried it might be too wide. I suspect it would also end halfway across the sunroof line also, which shouldn't really be an issue (right?)

Thanks in advance.
You will be good all the way around. Those clamps are great and the rack will fit just fine. Even if it covers the sunroof a little it won't matter.
^think I need to go with 4 or 6 of those clamps? I'm guessing 6.
I would definitely go with 6 clamps if you plan on putting significant weight in the rack. This will spread the load out better on the gutter.
I did six clamps with a confer rack and it was rock solid. The Garvin is a bit longer but it will still be plenty strong.

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