New 96 80 Owner Roof Rack question (1 Viewer)

Apr 4, 2010
Charlotte, NC
Hi everyone,
I'm Josh. Just sold my 98 Heep Wrangler (TJ) with 84k and purchased a white 96 FZJ80 with 130k.
Haven't taken delivery as it is down in Miami with my cousin at the moment. I am anxiously awaiting her and I look forward to being part of the LC community!

Anyways, about the roof rack.
I had a Garvin Wilderness Expedition rack on the TJ and the woman that bought it didn't want the rack. :idea: So I removed it and am now thinking maybe I can use the "cage" portion on the FZJ with something like these clamps.

Any thoughts? Will it work? Better clamp/attachment solution out there?
Would it fit appropriately? Measurements are 72"x54"x4"
I am a little worried it might be too wide. I suspect it would also end halfway across the sunroof line also, which shouldn't really be an issue (right?)

Thanks in advance.

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