New 80 owner - questions

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Feb 23, 2010
Just a quick intro first. I traded in a '03 Chevy 2500HD for my '93 Land Cruiser (white of course). It had maintenance records back to 2001, including oil changes and wax jobs. I have had it for about 2 months now, and couldn't be happier.

Now for the questions:

1) I didn't notice this during the winter, but now that its raining, I'm getting soaked floorboards in the front, both sides. I have done some research, and see that it could be the sunroof drains, cowling leaking, or windshield. However, the water is pooling on the inside rubber on the bottom of the windshield. Would this happen if it was the sunroof, or does that indicate that its the windshield?

2) Charcoal canister has a crack on the top of it, that a previous mechanic tried to epoxy together. It is now cracked again, and seems that the part is discontinued from Toyota. Other than trying to re-epoxy it, are there any other options short of junkyard finds?

3) Factory roof rack removal. I have seen some threads on this, but still have the question. Will I have to remove the bars to get any sort of full roof rack installed? And if I do, that means either welding the holes or finding some body plugs for it?

4) It came with factory lockers. However, they can take 2-3 minutes/150-200 feet to engage. Toyota dealership said they greased them, and are all better, but nothing has changed. I do not have a garage, and this is my only vehicle, so while I would love to take them apart and rebuild, I don't have that luxury. Any tips to take to my local non-toyota mechanic to diagnose?
4.1) Can ARB's be added with no major modification to replace factory lockers (ignoring obvious air/e-locker signaling).

5) Passenger birf clicking only when cold. Imminent failure incoming? Front axle was rebuilt in 2005/ 30k miles ago (yay maintenance records!)

6) First gear "growling". No noticeable performance impact, just something that sits in the back of my mind for future transmission reubuild. Normal/common/rebuild now?

Finally a pic with 2.5 OME and 255/85/16 Coopers.


Thanks in advance for any insight.
drains and lockers

I had leaks when i got my 80. Cleaned all the drains of the sun roof with the shop vac. I also hit a couple spots on the winshield and rust rack with some silicone. If you have a non factory windshield it probably leaks due to the lame brain who iinstalled it . Arrrr i still guess its just to hard for mechanics to RTFM these days . The FSM has specific instructions on the wind screen. As for the rust rack ..bad design.
Welcome :flipoff2:

I will try to help.

1. My window was doing the same. I had the original window & the original seal. I checked the sunroof drains and they worked fine. I bought a new seal and had a glass company come out and install it. They said that there was a chance that they would break the window upon removal. This would have sucked as I still have the "Made In Japan" sticker on mine. Well, they didn't break it, but it still leaked. They have come out twice to reseal it and I am waiting on today's rain to see if it still leaks. I am crossing my fingers that it won't.

2. No idea about that. Could check dismantlers or try Cdan?

3. Pulled my roof rack off about a month ago. No issues with taking it off. Put in some stainless button head socket bolts in there. Used the search feature here to get the size and found them online. I siliconed the bolt and then after it was in, siliconed all around the cap to doubly seal it. None have leaked so far.

4. My lockers used to be slow too. I try to exercise the lockers once a month or so in a gravel or other loose traction enviroment. I do loose figure eights and engage/disengage the lockers. This seemed to help mine.

5. Not sure about that.

6. Not sure about that either, talk to a local tranny shop that knows cruiser transmissions?

Hope this was of some help.

Yeah, the lockers will get faster with use.

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