New 62 vs Old 60

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Mar 28, 2006
Basalt, Co
Wow! I just picked up my new 62 with 129k original miles from its original owner. What a nice ride it is compared to my 60 with 230k on the ticker.

The new 62 is for my dad for his retirement to Colorado. He likes bombing around dirt roads and exploring, nothing too serious. But, I had no idea how much nicer a 62 is with all its creature comforts (efi, electric locks/windows, overdrive auto tranny, power antena, thicker steering wheel), it is sweet.

I will drive it for a couple weeks until he gets here to figure out and fix any problems it may have. Hopefully it won't have to many. The same mechanic worked on/ maintaned it for 17 years. I just hope I will be able to give up the keys when he gets here...
Shinichi, Welcome to the 62! By the time you have to give it up you'll be looking for one for yourself. :D

BTW, nice retirement start for your dad, wish my kids would have given me mine. ;)


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