New 40 Purchase / Great Experience Due to Mud Board


Dec 15, 2003
In light of last week's buyer beware thread, and don't trust so and so debacle, I thought I'd post about my positive purchase experience over the last 45 days. If nothing else, this account will represent the "other" side of the coin as far as a remote buying experience goes.

Mud effectively allowed me to research my questions and concerns, attain valuable knowledge and directly contact members for feedback on various topics relating to my 40 purchase.

The abundance of information and learning through other's experiences was incredibly valuable. The interactive nature of this board is unlike any other I've visited. Every person I contacted for information or feedback responded quickly and with lots of pertinent information. I simply could not have made the purchase I did without the assistance of helpful members of this community.

I'd like to specifically thank 2 members:

The seller, Chad Smithson (kcsmithson), went WAY above and beyond the call of duty as the seller. He responded to countless e-mails (before and after the sale), made numerous lengthy road trips to assist in the sale (including personally driving us from Dallas to Bonham to pick up the truck this week) and was helpful beyond belief. He is a stand up guy in every sense.

The member who did much of the work on the rig and some additional work after I bought it, Butch Baker (Texican) also deserves credit. He is also an honest, stand up guy and assisted in the sale as well. If anyone hasn't checked out Butch or Baker Tire in Bonham, TX and you're at all close and need help on your truck, do yourself a favor and get in touch with him.

I find it rare these days to run into random people you've never met that really value things like integrity, honesty and pride. I get the feeling that the majority of this MUD community and the Cruiser community overall values these attributes.

Thanks and kudos to Woody and all of the other administrators and members who make this an incredibly valuable resource and way to meet people with similar values and interests. :beer:

I will post a more detailed account (with pics :D) of this week's trip back from Dallas, TX to Charlotte, NC stopping only for gas in the 40 section as I have a few technical questions. 1200 miles in 22 hours. What a ride!


Jul 31, 2004
Dallas, TX
I still think you guys were nuts for driving it that far, but I am glad you made it safely. If you need anything, let me know. Or hell, just jump in and drive it back, I will help you fix it.

It's amazing how many friends you can make just by owning a Cruiser. (Or selling one)

I am glad it went to someone who will appreciate it.

See ya soon.

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